What is Agitation and Why Do I Need It?

Quality Carpet Cleaning in ProgressGreat questions!  Agitation is an action; which is similar to washing your hands or hair; to loosen even the most deeply embedded soil from your carpets and area rugs making it easier for us to effectively remove.  While, this process isn’t complicated in the least, it is often missed by many of our competitors.

Allow me to explain.  The most effective cleaning methods according to The Carpet and Rug Institute  - that all carpet cleaning companies should be utilizing – is based on the four principles of soil suspension; time, agitation, chemical and temperature.

These four principles should be used each time you have your carpets professionally cleaned to ensure the best results!  If shortcuts are taken and agitation (the basis of our blog) isn’t applied, the desired results will be diminished, and your carpeting really won’t look any different.

Logically these four principles make sense, however, they are sometimes overlooked or their processes are rushed.  Maybe you paid a lower price and subsequently received sub-par quality?  This unfortunately is more common than you would like to think!

So, how does agitation actually work, and when is it applied?

Again, great questions!  Most reputable carpet cleaning companies, Mission Carpet & Rug Cleaning included, agitate your carpet immediately after applying a quality pre-spray.  Specialized equipment (i.e. a pile rake or brush) is then utilized to work the pre-spray into your carpet’s fibers in order to break down and dislodge the soil.

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The above information should provide a basic overview of the process of agitation, however, if you would like to receive a more detailed explanation of how we care for your carpets, upholstery and area rugs, please feel free to contact us anytime via our online submission form or by calling us direct at (602) 626-7199.  We provide free in-home estimates, so call today, and save yourself the chore of cleaning your carpets yourself!Cleaning

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