How to Clean Area Rugs

Most area rugs are a significant investment, their cost being determined by many factors, including size and material.  For many of us this cost is well worth it as they can instantaneously provide decor and warmth to any room.  They provide us with a comfortable place to relax and sometimes even rest our weary heads.


No matter where you place your area rugs they are inevitably going to see their fair share of traffic, spills and dirt.  In order to maintain the look, comfort and longevity of your area rugs it is highly recommended that you regularly and carefully clean them.  Are you wondering how best to accomplish this?  Then you’ve come to the right place!

At Mission Carpet Cleaning we want nothing more than to assist you in protecting your investment in the best possible manner.  That’s why we have dedicated this blog to providing you with detailed information on how you can clean and maintain your area rugs anytime they’re looking a little worse for the wear.    

Say Good-Bye to Dust & Dirt

One of the best methods to rid your area rug from accumulated dust, dirt and debris is to regularly vacuum it.  It’s as simple as that!  Vacuuming your area rugs every 1 to 2 weeks ensures you prevent the buildup of all the dust, dirt and debris your shoes, children and furry friends leave behind.

This method carries the additional benefit of providing you with a clean and allergy free area rug.  To receive maximum cleaning benefits, we recommend that you first turn your rug upside down, vacuuming that side first.  For more delicate area rugs, such as oriental and wool, we suggest using a rotating beater brush to get into the littlest fibers.

Professional Deep Cleaning

To get the most out of your area or oriental rugs, you should turn to a professional carpet cleaning company like Mission Carpet Cleaning.  We can provide your rugs with a gentle, yet effective, deep cleaning designed to rid them of all built-up dirt, debris and more to make them look like new.

Get rid of your area rug’s winter blues by allowing us to assist you in making them look like new.  Click here for our money-saving specials!  We are currently running a 20% off special for all area rug cleaning and repair services.  Contact us today if you would like more information or to schedule service at (602) 626-7199.

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